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Wholesale Peppermint Oil | Grandpa's Good Earth
Grandpa's Good Earth Peppermint Oil has been tilled and distilled since 1953, and we're excited to offer this quality oil directly from our farm to your home. We plant, harvest, distill, bottle, and ship every order and want you to enjoy the same benefits our family has experienced over the last 65 years. Peppermint Oil can help relieve headaches, soothe muscles and joint pain, and even deter mice from homes, campers, and farming equipment.
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Peppermint Field at Sunset wholesale peppermint oil grandpasgoodearth.comBulk/White-Label/Wholesale

Are you interested in purchasing Grandpa’s Good Earth’s 100% Pure Peppermint Oil in large quantities? You’ve come to the right place. Below we’ll touch on the various options we have so you can choose what’s best for you, including Bulk, White-Label, or Wholesale Peppermint Oil.

When it comes to peppermint oil, quality makes all the difference. Our goal is to help meet your large order needs so that you and your customers will know the difference family farmed oil can bring. You can learn more about our farm’s history and our oil here.

Bulk Peppermint Oil

Are you in the market for more than a few 4oz bottles of our peppermint oil? If so, don’t stress, we offer bulk pricing. Whether you need a pound or a gallon of our 100% Pure Peppermint Oil, we’ve got you covered. Most of our bulk inventory is mixed with other oils to create a variety of different products, but whatever your needs, we’re here.

Wholesale Peppermint Oil

Do you own a business that needs high-quality peppermint oil in various forms? Our wholesale options could be the perfect fit. We offer wholesale options for all the products in our shop, including Peppermint Oil Roll-Ons, Peppermint Inhalers, and various sizes of 100% Pure Peppermint Oil. Let us know which products are perfect for your customers, and we’ll work to help create a great partnership.

White-Label Peppermint Oil

If you’re not familiar with what White-Label is I’ll give you a quick definition:

A White-Label product is when one company produces the product, but then another company purchases it and re-brands with its labels, in essence making it appear as if they created the product. 

A lot of companies will take this approach to launch new valuable products to their market without needing to produce the actual product. In the case with Grandpa’s Good Earth’s White-Label options, we’d provide the product of choice already made, just without a label. When you receive the product, you’ll need to place your label on it, then put it for sale.

If you’re interested in any of the options listed on this page, we’d love to chat. Fill out the contact form below for more information or to request a price quote. We look forward to doing business with you!

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